Serving the Twin Cities Metro Area
Carpet Cleaning
With carpet being one of the most popular types of flooring, we understand that it’s important to keep your carpet clean and in appealing condition.  We offer expert cleaning that is child safe and pet friendly.
Area Rugs
Our trained Technicians will use methods specific to your carpet needs. Based on the weave, fibers, and condition of the rug we will make sure to leave your carpet looking cleaner for longer.
Upholstery Cleaning
At Eco Pros Carpet Cleaning we are able to clean your upholstery. With unique tools and special techniques we will get your upholstery back to its 100% clean condition.
Car, RV, and Boat Upholstery
Your carpets and upholstery aren’t the only surfaces you should be concerned about cleaning. Outside your house walls your Cars, RV’s and Boats are on the front lines of
attracting contaminants and pollutants from outdoor activities.
Carpet Stain Removal
Eco Pros Carpet Cleaning offers deep cleaning for your dirtiest stains. Depending on different factors such as time, substance, and carpet type, we target the stain with unique techniques to make sure to extract the most dirt possible from the stain.
Odor Removal
At Eco Pros Carpet Cleaning we want to make sure that your carpet not only looks clean, but smells clean too.